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There are several ways you can walk with Wayne:
1. Co-Active Life Coaching- for private individuals, couples, and groups
Co-active life coaching offers you the opportunity to speak one-on-one, over the phone and in person, with an experienced and trained professional life coach who will listen to your goals and help formulate a step-by-step plan for achieving them.
Wayne offers a complimentary coaching session so you can experience first hand what distinguishes co-active life coaching from other models, such as consulting, therapy, or mentoring. This affords you a valuable opportunity to not only feel if co-active coaching is right for you, but whether we are right for each other.
When you make the decision to hire Wayne as your personal coach, he will begin the coaching relationship with a one-time, two-hour discovery session. Then, working with you, he will schedule three or four sessions per month to fit your schedule and preference for face-to-face or phone sessions. (90% of all co-active coaching is done by phone.)
Wayne offers one of the monthly sessions in person while doing an activity of your choosing. For example, if you derive extreme pleasure from walking along a beach, you and Wayne would find a scenic Rhode Island beach to blend movement, space and coaching. This unique Walk with Wayne experience offers you the opportunity to be coached in motion, moving forward, with eyes, ears and heart open to the limitless future. In his experience, Wayne has found that this forward movement out in the middle of life's stream, stimulates more powerful life affirming choices.
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2. Personal Development Workshops and Teleclasses
Wayne offers self-development workshops and teleclasses for private individuals and groups. All workshops are offered as support and inspiration for those who are committed to assume full responsibility for their future lives.
Teleclasses are an extremely convenient means of conducting training sessions. In a teleclass, participants simply call a designated phone number at an agreed time. The phone lines have the capacity for multiple calls.
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3. Wayne's Words- A Monthly Newsletter
Each month Wayne puts the learnings and ideas of the previous month in writing for the benefit of those committed to becoming the author of their life.
Included in each of these free newsletters will be training offerings and other announcements.
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4. Living Your Values- A Self Assessment Tool
Wayne offers a unique process for discovering what values best represent who you are and how well you are living your values. You will be tantalized by the challenge of this self assessment tool and amazed at how your life will come into a new perspective.
With the results of your personal assessment, you will be in a position to choose where and how you want to take more responsibility for your future life; a life that is true to yourself.
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