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December 2005                                                          Vol. 3, No. 8

A Monthly Newsletter Published and Created by Wayne Peacock
©2005 Wayne Peacock. All rights reserved.

Issue of the Month
Gift Giving: Christmas is about connecting with the essence of our faith and our loved ones through our rituals and traditions. It is a body, mind and spirit thing. It is also the time of year when we get the opportunity to experience the wisdom of the biblical teaching that it is more blessed to give than to receive. It should be noted that the joy of giving is not a slam dunk.
For many the preparation for gift giving begins during the summer and for some, serious thoughts about Christmas presents don't arise until December 24th. For some, presents are seen as an obligation and burden while for others, giving gifts is the best opportunity all year to demonstrate their feelings about a friend or loved one through a carefully thought out gift. For some, the choice of gifts is driven by an unconscious need to impress, while for others the gift is a pure expression of respect, admiration or love. And finally, for some a present is a present while for others, the bar of creativity, appropriateness and value is very high, so high in fact that the desire for the unique gift can override the joy of giving.
I have certainly operated at both ends of these and other gift-giving spectrums. I understand the causes of Christmas-present burden and anxiety as the 25th looms ahead and I can appreciate the cynicism of many towards the level of consumerism attached to Christmas. All that being said, I love the high of conceiving and then manifesting a unique gift that touches the heart of its recipient. It always feels like the effort I put into giving is returned many times. Isn't that what the Christmas spirit is all about, the sharing of ourselves without attachment?
With the above discussion in mind, I hereby share my list of eight gifts that are certain to be well received while going easy on the credit card.
The WalkWithWayne Eight Great Gift Ideas
  1. "You have my complete presence." What people want most from the people in their lives is simply to be seen, heard and met; without being judged, fixed or changed. Make them an offer they can't refuse by giving them from one to 52 cards with the above phrase on one side and your commitment to listen to them in silence in exchange for one of the cards. They initiate their desire by returning one of the cards you gave them. Yours is a gift of presence and respect.
  2. What I love about you: Create a tape or CD that records what you love most about the friend, spouse or other loved one. Use the kind of words and stories that are often belatedly delivered as eulogies. If you want to get fancy, add music and visuals. The possibilities are endless. Your gift can serve as a permanent reminder of that person's unique brilliance in the world. It will be particularly useful when they are feeling down and need a boost.
  3. I am sorry for being such a jerk: Create from one (plasticized) to 52 cards (enough for one each week) that can be used when a person knows they have been a jerk and would love to be pardoned without having to give a pint of blood or rehash their role. These "Get out of jail" cards can quickly melt the tension within a close relationship when pride keeps the so called transgressor from apologizing or asking forgiveness.
  4. Offer to be an ally: For the person(s) you know who is taking on a big challenge; offer to serve as an ally. People need allies during times of great risk and more often than not do seek out this form of support. If your offer is accepted, have the person tell you what they would like as support and be ready to serve as they would like to be served.
  5. How can we make this more fun and with ease? Create as many cards as your spouse, co-worker or child might need in the near future. These cards are just what the doctor ordered if you tend to be too serious and overly task oriented. They are given back to you when you make a proposal to do something with someone that sounds and feels more like drudgery because you have forgotten that it does not have to be heavy and hard. Your enlightened partner might say, "I would be glad to work with you on that project/task but I wonder how we can make it fun and with a sense of ease?"
  6. Stillness Speaks by Eckart Tolle: This is the perfect book for anyone who says they want less stress and more peace in their lives. It is my favorite book in the past two years. It is the perfect antidote for too much stuff, too much going on and too much activity in the mind. Said another way, it is the perfect antidote for those feeling overwhelmed, isolated and pressured.
  7. Rule #1 - Nobody gets to be wrong: My guess is that BLAME is the most common toxic communication in our country. Everyone knows how awful it feels when they are blamed, i.e. made wrong. And, it doesn't feel any better when someone in your vicinity is blamed. Blame brings everyone down and blame is not a requirement. We choose to blame. So, send friends or loved ones a wallet sized poster with Rule #1 on one side and write your commitment to resolve disagreements without blame on the backside; then sign and date it. You won't need any more New Year's resolutions and your impact will spread.
  8. "Let's connect more often!" Everyone has one or more friends/relatives they truly wish to stay more connected to (regardless of where they reside). Create a card with "Let's connect more often" on one side and brainstorm some ways in which you would do so on the other side. If it is physically possible to do the things you used to love doing together, put those activates on the top of the list. The point here is to be creative and out-of-the-box with your thinking. Know that the simple act of writing down and communicating your intention to connect will greatly increase the odds of that happening. If you are either skeptical or intrigued about the utility of intentions, you would love The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer.
My Christmas Present for You (drum roll please)
If any of the above gift ideas speak to you, yet you are unsure how to create them, or want more background information, I invite you to call 401 885 8488 or email [email protected] It would be your gift to me if I could assist you in your gift giving.

Teaching of the Month
Basic Choices
With intention, presence is possible.
With presence, connection is possible.
With connection, relationship is possible.
With relationship, everything is possible.
Wayne B. Peacock

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