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"Wayne's coaching was directly responsible for helping me to make a major career shift which I longed to make for several years but could not muster up the courage to initiate. He helped me immeasurably to rethink my personal and professional goals... I am now working towards realizing the dreams of an entrepreneurial endeavor which I would not otherwise have reached. Although we are not currently engaged in discussion, Wayne's wisdom stays with me."

- Pete Ritter

"One goal of mine has been to find a healthy balance between a very demanding job and a fulfilling and rich home life. I was struggling with the burden of self-imposed targets and standards at work and frustrated with the lack of time for other things while still not feeling I was getting on top of work. Wayne was able to help me break this cycle by asking me one simple question: 'Who's standards did I feel compelled to follow?' Throughout the coaching process, it was the power of Wayne's questions that helped me gain understanding about myself."

- Mark, Leicester, U.K.

"I think the most helpful area where I've grown through my association with Wayne is having a much better appreciation for how individuals communicate and react to each other. This was not obtained directly, but rather though many, many interactions where we shared problems and he provided insight to the situation."

- Scot, East Greenwich RI

"Wayne possesses the ability to think "outside the box" of conventional thinking and is also very good at challenging others to do the same. Wayne once asked me about getting into management. When I told him that there were too many people ahead of me with more experience, which made my chances for landing a position slim, he simply asked me 'why not you instead of any of them?' This question really opened my mind to the possibility when previously I thought it was impossible."

- Greg, Norton OH


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